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File Versions in Windows (with PowerShell)

In an everlasting remediation with Cisco AnyConnect on Windows where 4.5.xxxxx doesn't upgrade properly by just installing a newer version of the product. Cisco has a workaround with 4.6.x but your 4.5 installation is still fucked because a) it's uninstalled in Apps & Feature (Add/Remove if you're old school) but it complains you have a newer version installed if you attempt to install a newer version, or b) it ...

SCCM PowerShell PoSh Windows Cisco AnyConnect

Leon Chung

Setaid.ini for SEP installs

I had such a hard time finding what some of the variables do in Setaid.ini because I don't have access to the deployment package part of SEMP (I know, most reasons are red tape in my case). I'll keep this updated when I gather more. Their support page also gets updated too. https://support.symantec.com/en_US/article.TECH102668.html https://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/reboot-options#comment-1548481 Under [CUSTOM_SMC_CONFIG]: KeepPreviousSetting ...

Leon Chung

SCCM State Migration Point

Hello! It's been awhile. Doing many things at work now-a-days. Here's something I've been working on in SCCM. We are migrating folks from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (it works with 8 and 8.1 as well), but we have to switch folks to UEFI & Secure Boot & enable TPM for BitLocker encryption. The newer SCCM CB has a tool that allows you to do this without reformatting the drive to UEFI/GPT but ...

SCCM State Migration Point USMT

Leon Chung

SCCM testdbupgrade

When you are trying to run setup /testdbupgrade and you get an error asking for a native client (because you're running the command outside of your DB site or just doesn't have this particular cli that SCCM db test is looking for), you should grab the sqlncli.msi (x64) from Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Feature Pack. Or you can grab it from running setup to get that as a prereq download ($SCCMInstallISORoot\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 ...

SCCM sql

Leon Chung

SCCM Task Sequence Missing Package

If you work in with SCCM imaging, you've probably seen where your task sequence bombs out saying you're missing a package. Most of the time, it will tell you which package is missing. That didn't happen today. It just said that I was missing a package but didn't say which. So I went to grab the SMSTS.log from X:\Windows\Temp\SMSTSLog\smsts.log, threw it on a flash stick to look at it ...

SCCM Task Sequence Command Prompt F8

Leon Chung

SSD Fan Control

If you ever replaced a HDD in an iMac (pre-flat, and post white kinds), you've probably had a very loud fan and found iStat Menus or SSD Fan Control to fix the noise because you didn't want/need/know about getting a thermal detector. They are both awesome apps so check them out if you've just been living with the fan being on all the time or thinking about installing a SSD in your old ...

terminal ssd launchd LaunchDaemons fan

Leon Chung

find Command

In an attempt to remove .DS_Store files that Finder creates on network shares, I learned about the -exec option in the find command. Sometimes find can feel overwhelming, especially when you've been spoiled by Spotlight or Google, but basically it's formatted this way: find [options] [path] [expression] Back to our story about the dot underbar files on network shares. Once upon a time, you had to run defaults write com.apple.desktopservices DSDontWriteNetworkStores true ...

terminal find AppleDouble dot_clean

Leon Chung

Using Munki to manage Profiles from Profile Manager

Sometimes, you want to use a profile to enforce some OS X settings. Whether you're moving away from MCX or Profile Manager is isn't delivering your profiles, you can use Munki to push it out. You will still need Profile Manager to make profiles, or you can use MCX to Profile to convert your MCX to .mobileconfig (profile!). Then wrap your profile into a .pkg with this tool: make-profile-pkg It will even generate a recipt ...

munki mdm Profile Manager

Leon Chung

Creating User Records with dscl

I was decomissioning an Xserve from serving MCX (I was turning off Open Directory) to keep it from serving some transitional MCX. Long story short, I deleted the OD. However, the Xserve was still running a print server for Linux boxes and now, root was gone! Could not sudo or su to root. It kept giving me Unknown user. It turns out, root was really gone. The Xserve was running 10.6 server. I was ...

dscl root xserve Snow Leopard Snow Leopard Server single user mode