My name is Leon and this is my first attempt at blogging... just kidding - I used to blog before it was called blogging on LiveJournal.

A little about me, I bought my first Mac in 2008 (iMac 20") but had been that computer guy who maintained the Apple Performa in Junior High School running Mac OS 7. Before 2008, I was using Windows XP and was dreaming about being a System Administrator. I didn't know I would end up in the Mac space. I had been doing Desktop Support part time here and there during school and finally landed a Desktop Support job that had a mix of Windows and some Macs, this is where the Mac Sys Admin journey began.

I wanted to start this blog because I wanted to collect the things I've done at work and write them down. There are a lot of resources out there but sometimes you just need something catered to yourself, and who better to cater this content to me then myself?

You can find me mostly in MacAdmins' Slack