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Leon Chung

SSD Fan Control

If you ever replaced a HDD in an iMac (pre-flat, and post white kinds), you've probably had a very loud fan and found iStat Menus or SSD Fan Control to fix the noise because you didn't want/need/know about getting a thermal detector. They are both awesome apps so check them out if you've just been living with the fan being on all the time or thinking about installing a SSD in your old ...

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Leon Chung

find Command

In an attempt to remove .DS_Store files that Finder creates on network shares, I learned about the -exec option in the find command. Sometimes find can feel overwhelming, especially when you've been spoiled by Spotlight or Google, but basically it's formatted this way: find [options] [path] [expression] Back to our story about the dot underbar files on network shares. Once upon a time, you had to run defaults write com.apple.desktopservices DSDontWriteNetworkStores true ...

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Leon Chung

What's my name?

At my current job, we name our computers the same name as their DNS names. I needed a way to set my Macs' HostName, LocalHostName, and ComputerName the same as the DNS name so that puppet is happy, ARD is happy, and other network things. I had been trying to name our computers properly via a script and it worked sometimes. I had great help from frogor and a lot of these came from his ...

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