Leon Chung

What's my name?

At my current job, we name our computers the same name as their DNS names. I needed a way to set my Macs' HostName, LocalHostName, and ComputerName the same as the DNS name so that puppet is happy, ARD is happy, and other network things. I had been trying to name our computers properly via a script and it worked sometimes. I had great help from frogor and a lot of these came from his ...

ip address hostname dns terminal bash ipconfig ifconfig awk

Leon Chung

MunkiWebAdmin + MySQL on OS X 10.8.5 Server

Using the combined guides and suggested setup, this is how I had to set up my MunkiWebAdmin with MySQL on OS X 10.8.5 Server(.app's Web server). Thank you authors of these guides, it's been very helpful. Guides: MunkiWebAdminOSXSetup, Fluffy Quickness (MWA on OS X 10.8 Server) Set up an OS X 10.8.5 Server, no need to activate any services yet. Install Xcode (App Store) with Command Line tools (Xcode ...

munki munkiwebadmin apache mysql mountain lion server.app